About Me


Thank you for spending some time to grow and learn alongside me. Jesus is constantly teaching and walking me through new thoughts and the purpose of this blog is to write out some of these thoughts. I have always found writing to be a struggle in my life, and then to communicate clearly what God is speaking is helping me grow not only in my communication but also what it means to be a Christian who radically loves Jesus. Thank you for being part of the journey, and I hope that these thoughts spark some of your own, always allowing Word of God to shape and mold our intellectual minds.

A bit about myself, I have always been christian, but I didn’t know what it fully meant to follow God until I experienced him when I was 16. Before this, I had walked away from God, and only went to church on Sunday to check off the box that I went. My first day of work as a young 16 year old, A Co-worker, Trevor, who I was working with that evening came in and was chatting with me, asking me what I want to do and just getting to know me. At the end of that conversation, he invited me to a Bible study that was happening the next day at the Spotted Cow. I went to that Bible study, and encountered the deep and vast love of Christ. I was hooked. A few weeks later I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and my life has never been the same since. I got involved with 11th Hour Ministries and began attending Mill Creek Foursquare Church, were I was able to grow and be under incredible leaders. Now I get the privilege to walk alongside other high school students as they are discovering Jesus. I am excited for what the Lord is doing in my life and where He is going to take me as begin processing more of my thoughts here on this blog. Please if you have any questions or concerns, I would love to hear from you.

with His love,



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